“The Chief librarian at the National Library of Nigeria, Professor L.O Aina, is confident that millions of readers across the country and the world at large will derive huge excitement and satisfaction from the book. He recommends it to students, researchers, business executives, communication practitioners, schools, colleges, and even individuals who are looking to understand Nigeria’s past, as the country marks six decades of independence.”

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Nigeria’s Book of Firsts details Nigeria’s pioneering firsts, with an in-depth look at the country’s people, institutions, events and achievements.

First published in 1989, the author’s guide to the landmarks in Nigerian political, economic, social, and cultural history, has stood the test of time. Nigeria’s Book of Firsts begins with events following the first official visit to Nigeria by a British monarch, touching on achievements such as establishing the first insurance company in the country, and the first win by a world junior cruiserweight boxing champion. It covers a wide range of information from details on the first female Nigerian Professor, the first “Made in Nigeria” computer, to the first face to appear on a Nigerian TV screen, Nigeria’s first recorded Quintuplets and the 1st Nigeria to preside over the United Nations General Assembly.

This book serves as both a historical and bibliographical reference book providing in-depth information across different genres spanning from Politics, Education, Arts, Industry, Technology to Leadership and Government. With a special section dedicated to pioneering women in various fields of endeavour, this book is a must have for any information conscious person

Nigeria’s Book of Firsts aims to provide an accessible and comprehensive history for the general reader, as well as encouraging a sense of pride and national consciousness and patriotism among Nigerians.

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First published in Nigeria in 2010, Nigeriana Quotable Quotes is a collection of over 1,000 vintage quotations on Nigerians (and about Nigeria), painstakingly compiled and ordered by theme. It is an invaluable resource for those interested in Nigerian culture, literature and politics

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